Service businesses

We specialize in tax return preparation and taking care of the accounting needs of small service businesses.

Individual tax returns

We prepare many tax returns for individuals and married couples. We look at ways to help you take advantage of the tax code like filing separately if that’s best for you.


We can take care of your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.


Do you have employees or subcontractors or does your business structure require that you are on payroll? We can help.

We Cater to You

We leverage technology to allow you to prepare your taxes remotely, often with nothing more than a smartphone or device. If you have the need, you can also take care of your bookkeeping and salary with a smartphone as well, in most cases.

Every step of the tax return or accounting process can be done in the traditional way, right in our office. Most of our clients prefer to operate remotely, from wherever they might be, but some prefer to make an appointment to do this in our office, which is fine too.

Our Process

  1. We meet with you , either in-person or over the phone and discuss your particular tax preparation and accounting needs. We can also scan whatever tax documents you may have.
  2. Using a secure web portal and electronic communication, we can exchange any documents needed. Most of our clients use nothing more than a smartphone for this.
  3. We prepare your returns and electronically file them when possible.
  4. If you prefer to visit the office for any or all of these steps, we can do that to, with no additional cost.

What our satisfied clients have to say


“I will definitely be using Know Tax again! This year’s return was maximized, and errors were corrected in my past two returns which got me even more money. Hassle free, knowledgeable service and fast processing”



“Don was extremely helpful and always available for questions. I had a fairly complex filing this year and he was able to solve the problem. I would definitely use his services next year”

Mio K


“He is very knowledgeable, prompt, and professional.  I would definitely recommend him to do your taxes!  He is very reasonably priced and I will definitely be going back to Don Zabarsky next year.   Very highly recommended!!!”

Betsy D


“Excellent. Don explained everything to me. We worked well together and I’m very pleased with the experience”


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